Organization & Sharing Results
Once you've finished some analysis and are looking to share your results with others in your organization, it's time to choose a method for displaying and presenting your results. Einblick offers several ways to do this, depending on your specific needs.

Workspace Organization

If you're just looking to show the results of your analysis directly in a workspace, the tools and tips in Workspace Organization and Bookmarks can help to ensure your results are more organized and understandable.


Dashboards are a great way to present a series of operators in a workspace in a more streamlined manner. More details can be found on the Dashboards page.


Insights allow you to take snapshots of specific parts of a workspace so that they can be saved for future reference. The Insights page goes into more detail.

PowerPoint Integration

If you want to display results externally, you can use Einblick's PowerPoint add-in to directly import operators into PowerPoint. For more details, visit the PowerPoint Integration page.
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